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Our Net Zero Office

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MissionCX is giving back to the planet by becoming a Climate Positive workforce. 

We’re doing this by signing up to Ecologi, an environmental company that supports businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Acknowledging that time is running out to save our precious home, Ecologi has embraced impactful climate solutions that will support us and other businesses to speed up earth’s healing process.  

How are we doing this as new climate leaders? With Ecologi’s help, we are growing a company forest that will offset our professional and personal carbon emissions. We will constantly review our carbon footstep with Ecologi, using their unique know-how to implement policies that will help us meet our carbon offset targets. 

It’s truly exciting stuff and we are thrilled to be in a position to take positive actions that will go some way to restoring our planet. And by signing up to Ecologi, we can help them fund innovative climate solutions around the world. 

If you want to learn how your business can be a climate leader with Ecologi, click here. 

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