The Bus Station, Bransty Row, Whitehaven, CA28 7XE

Social Impact

Our Legacy

We are committed to social value, fairness, and our people, both internally within MissionCX and across the wider community.

This is demonstrated through our 1% pledge and supported by the core values which we uphold:

unity, integrity and innovation.

Acorn Fund

We are dedicated to supporting charitable projects across Cumbria through our Acorn fund, which is managed by the Cumbria Community Foundation.

Donations are pooled together to grow the unrestricted Cumbria fund and respond to the growing needs of local communities by providing much-needed funding, year on year, to charitable organisations.

The fund helps improve the lives of disadvantaged children and families, enhances life skills, education, employability and enterprise for disadvantaged people, supports vulnerable older people, improves the health and well-being of people, and strengthens and supports fragile communities.

“We are committed to leaving a lasting, positive legacy for our local community, through our 1% pledge initiative, which commits 1% of our profits, equity, time and product to philanthropic endeavours. Our Acorn fund will be distributed to those in our community that need it most. It is our intent to grow our acorn into an oak tree, maximising our social impact.”  Ben Slater, Managing Director